Selected World's Best Ingredients paired with Authentic Italian Recipe

Meet 21 Factory

A gelato parlor in Jakarta, who is more than thrilled to indulge you with cups of premium gelato, made with authentic Italian recipe. In case you’re wondering, we didn’t phrase that just for promotional purpose. Our team did learn from Italian Gelato Master chefs in bringing the real Italian experience to Indonesia with reasonable pricing. Besides, where else should you learn to make gelato if not from the best source?

Our Values


A high level of trust, we believe, is the breeding ground for credibility and comfort. All that we do at 21 Factory stands unshaken on these pillars of trust. In effort to make this our foundation, we have determined to only hire the best resources and to unceasingly cultivate a growing level of trust internally before it overflows outside, reflecting it in our services to you.


Our utmost priority is in bringing you an incredible gelato experience, that your every taste of pleasure is due to the unmistakable quality of our resources. We believe that working together with excellently designed machinery can be powerful in guaranteeing a consistent and precise quality for our gelato.


Mother nature knows what is best for our bodies, consequently providing us with the best and most fresh organic food that are always favorable compared to human made flavoring or preservatives. In a world where authenticity is a luxury, we go against the current and provide you with exactly that.


It is our wish at 21 Factory to consistently prioritize the well-being of our customers. Always moving forward in the direction of constant renewal and innovation, we long to deliver you a combination of healthy and tasty gelato experience that is wrapped up in delicious and innovative flavors.


In pursuance of executing all four values above, we are compelled to trust and join forces with reliable world class sources, which aid us in acquiring the best supplies and ingredients needed in serving and providing you an authentic and excellent gelato experience.

Our Flavours



Ferrero Rocher

Menta Verde

Mandorla Tostata




Tolak Angin


Nim Jom Pei Pa Kao

Es Teler


Rujak Aceh





Wide Range of Food Menu

Our priority at 21 Factory will always be to craft authentic Italian gelato that is special and unique to you; an edible masterpiece submerged in mastery and excellence. We serve gelato flavors that are not only close to home and familiar to the tongue, but also various innovative flavors, allowing you to dive into the depths of some whole new experiences.

But, beyond our library of exquisite gelato flavors also lies an extensive menu of some of your favorite meals to satisfy your taste buds. There is surely no less dedication put into every single one of these dishes. From the spices of the east to the tastes of the west, we thrive to deliver to you a broad collection of dishes from different parts of the world, all in favor of savoring your cravings.

Artisanal Drinks Selection

We also present you with a wide range of beverages. From premium organic “Brew Me” teas grown in local tea farms to delicious artisanal KORTE chocolate drinks made out of premium chocolate from West Java, and from fresh juices to single origin Arabica coffee, we make sure that no thirst will be left unquenched.